Chain Bonding (Wedge Emulation)

Chain bonding has become a reliable and cost-effective alternative to wedge bonding. Using ball bond technology on the high-reliability 8000i Wire Bonder, chain bonding follows a ball-loop-stitch-loop-stitch process, producing “chains” of loop shapes traditionally generated by a wedge bonder.

Enabling Cost-Optimization

Palomar Technologies’ scientists and engineers developed chain bonding with the 8000i Wire Bonder to enable customers to reduce their cost of ownership while increasing throughput. In general, ball bonders are typically less expensive than wedge bonders, have higher throughput and are more prevalent. Additionally, a ball bonder machine also can act as wire bonder and ball bumper. Download the 8000i Wire Bonder data sheet to learn more.
8000 Wire Bonder data sheet

Chain Bonding

Wedge Bonding

higher throughput
lower throughput
more versatility
singular wedge bond use
lower system cost
higher system cost
lower cost of ownership
higher cost of ownership
odd-form packages
standard packages


Traditional Wedge Bond Applications**

  • RF and Microwave Devices
  • Compact Hybrids
  • Fine Pitch Devices
  • High-Frequency Passive and Active Components
  • MCM Power Connections
**All of these applications can be accomplished effectively using the chain bonding method.