Bonder Software & Hardware Upgrades

3500-R Die Bonder Performance Upgrade

The Bonder Performance Upgrade (BPU) brings 3500-I, 3500-II, and 3500-III Die Bonder customers up the most recent operating system and pattern recognition software.

BPU includes:

  • Latest bonder software, Windows XP OS installed on a P4 PC
  • Bright, high resolution 19" LCD monitors
  • Cognex 8000 Vision System

These upgrades offer customers continued product support, improvement in the ergonomics of the system and faster, more accurate pattern recognition.

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Product Enhancing Options

In addition to the above-stated features and benefits, this upgrade allows its user to add the following productivity enhancing options:

  • Pulse Heat System - enables superior control for eutectic bonding
  • Off-Line Programming - requires less down-time for new program setup; increases productivity in a high-mix, low-volume production environment
  • Wafer Die Eject Systems (Punch Ups) - accurately lifts think and/or odd aspect ratio die from wafer
  • Digital Dispensing - dispenses very precise, low-volume applications
  • Automated Handling - various handling systems built specifically to support differing applications

8000i Wire Bonder Performance Upgrade

Current 8000 Wire Bonders can be upgraded to implement i2Gi through a Bonder Performance Upgrade (BPU). A BPU brings a bonder up to current software, hardware, and computer performance levels. Palomar Technologies offers many upgrades that will transform productivity by adding the latest and greatest features.

i2Gi, intelligent interactive graphical interface, modern wire bond control software

Process Development Consultants Can Help

All of the existing programs on the 8000 are transferrable, so no information will be lost. Additionally, anyone currently using an 8000 can quickly learn i2Gi in two hours or less—this technology was designed for ease of use and compatibility with existing programs. The i2Gi training can be incorporated with a BPU to occur immediately after installation.

Examples of Supported i2Gi BPU Configurations

i2Gi offers multiple configuration options with your existing bonder. It can be equipped with (or without) an ergonomic kit, as well as easily integrated with your current production line and handlers.

Automated production line with customizable magazine handlers and hotrail conveyors. This configuration is ideal for high-mix, complex automated production. 

8000i wire bonder, i2Gi, handlers 

Ergonomic kit that supports both traditional keyboard and track-ball or an optional large glove-touch compatible touch screen. This configuration is ideal for complex programming and intuitive control of part builds.

 8000i wire bonder, i2Gi, bonder upgrade, 8000 wire bonder

Standard for reduced footprint and automated production scalability. This configuration is ideal for complex hybrid device packaging with flexibility to meet changing production needs.

 8000i wire bonder, i2Gi, bonder upgrade, 8000 wire bonder