Program Management

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Purchasing systems equipment from Palomar Technologies doesn’t begin and end there. Whether you’re buying new equipment or upgrading a previous purchase, you will receive the support of our program managers to be a partner in your successful use of Palomar Technologies equipment. With an average of over 25 years industry experience, each program manager at Palomar has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is uniquely qualified to partner with you. 

Our program managers have a detailed understanding of Palomar’s core products, technologies and competencies including, but not limited to:

Program managers apply decades of expertise and understanding to the details of your equipment configuration and the application of your production requirements, with a seamless transition from sales to production to installation. 

The purpose of Program Management is to support your equipment purchase through all its phases:

  • Pre-Quotation—to help clarify and define your need so that the appropriate equipment and functionality is selected
  • Implementation—to ensure that your product and quality requirements are met
  • Delivery—to ensure that your schedule requirements are met by the program manager
A program manager is assigned to every order to ensure that your needs are understood. As the “owner” of your order, the program manager serves as your main point of contact for all project related inquiries, progress reports and updates and requested changes. Your Palomar Technologies program manager collaborates with marketing, engineering, applications, operations and customer service to ensure that your equipment meets the requirements for delivery schedule and technical performance.

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