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Customers around the world have found Palomar Technologies Assembly ServicesTM ("Assembly Services") to be an ideal solution to their assembly needs. Whether a start-up or an established device manufacturer, Assembly Services is capable to handle small, medium and conception-to-production packaging projects.

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Assembly Services experts are keenly aware that every application brings new challenges. Before starting the process of working with Assembly Services, we ask customers to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA). Once this is in place, the process of defining the problem begins. Once the problem has been defined, it is half-way to being solved. If known, desired parameters are started.

Assembly Services Customers Outsource Your Assembly Needs

Assembly Services at Palomar Technologies was created in response to the growing customer need for complete precision microelectronic contract assembly and packaging.

Customer Type #1
The company needs packaging and assembly services prior to making the investment in high-value and cost capital equipment.

a) An established firm looking to perform R&D (requiring high-accuracy, high-precision wire bonding and die attach) in order to break into a new market.


b) A start-up firm with limited cash needs to develop, prototype and put into production their product.

Customer Type #2
The company requires packaging and assembly services during the period when their Palomar Technologies wire and/or die attach equipment is being built, procured and/or qualified.

Quicker time-to-market. Assembly Services develops the customer's process, works out any kinks, and ramps up production.

A seamless process and production integration. The application is full steam and producing parts in Palomar Technologies' laboratory. The only step required is simply to ship the system from Palomar Technologies' headquarters in Carlsbad to the customer's facility.