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clean rooms for contract assembly services packagingPalomar Technologies Assembly ServicesTM ("Assembly Services") is the contract assembly, process development, test and prototyping division of Palomar Technologies. Assembly Services addresses our customers’ need for high-precision, high-accuracy die attach and wire bonding services without having to make a capital equipment investment.

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Palomar Technologies' experience with design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, automation and metrology means you are covered from concept to production, and beyond. We apply ideas and solutions based on years of packaging experience to develop and validate your process before you invest in production equipment. And if you don’t want to run your own production, we can do that for you too by offering turn-key services for advanced packaging assembly.
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Precision Assembly in North America is...cost-effective

Palomar Technologies Assembly ServicesTM ("Assembly Services") is one of the few full-service advanced packaging laboratories in the United States. With this comes IP protection, in-house highly skilled engineering staff and technicians, and a high-reliability, ultra high-accuracy advanced packaging systems portfolio that is second to none.wire bond die attach

Assembly Services is based in the Palomar Technologies headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. Palomar Technologies management and engineers remain close to production; problems are solved rapidly, any downtime is significantly reduced, and the feedback loop is tightened, all while maintaining security of customer’s IP. With close proximity to Mexico, Assembly Services is able to prototype in Carlsbad, then perform high volume production with its Mexican partner (and do so in a cost-effective manner). This is further enhanced by a recent Palomar Technologies study showing Mexico as the world’s #1 location for microelectronics manufacturing in terms of cost/unit.
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Through our precision contract manufacturing services, Assembly Servicesmicroelectronic packaing solutions
has responded to the economic realities of modern advanced packaging with its high equipment and labor costs, and the need for process development and low volume production on a limited scale. Our ability to offer high-value-added assembly services to our advanced packaging customers is just another facet of our mission to provide cost-effective and system-efficient solutions to our customers' component assembly needs.
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