Specialty Lead Frames

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specialty lead frameSpecialty refers to rare or uncommon lead frame types. These type of applications require highly customized and often flexible packaging equipment. Depending on the lead frame, a manufacturer will have to design a carrier to present the lead frame itself.

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Experts at Palomar Technologies are able to work TO CAN Optical Component
with a variety of lead frames and incorporate them into fully-automated material handling solutions. With advances in microelectronics, specialty lead frames are becoming more common as odd-form packages grow further in sophistication. In IC lead frames, photo-etching processes are often used in manufacturing—these enable quick design turns, increase package numbers, allow for things such as higher pin count and achieve greater overall yield. In high-reliability applications, such as TO CANs,
specialty lead frames are incorporated in
automated material handling systems.

Palomar Technologies Solution

PCB on a speciality lead frame croppedPalomar Technologies is well known for large work area wire bonders and die bonders, such as the 8000i Wire Bonder and 3880 Die Bonder. These large work areas give users great flexibility with inline conveyors and associated lead frames. Atypical packages that were traditionally found mostly in aerospace and defense applications, are being used now in more mainstream technologies, specifically those in the optoelectronic (ie, VCSEL, LED, etc) markets.