Solar Concentrator Assembly

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solar energy farmSolar concentrators assembly is a high efficiency technology that use lenses that take in sunlight and direct it towards a specific spot by manipulating the rays of light and focusing them on the desired area. The lens on top of every solar concentrator enables more focused light to enter each solar cell, making each more efficient.

The advantage of the solar concentrator is that the solar cells can be spaced farther apart with light able to focus on each cell. This translates into fewer solar cells required and lower cost in contrast to solar panels.

Palomar Technologies Solution

Palomar Technologies manufactures and services highly advanced microelectronic packaging systems, excelling in advanced processes, high purity, exceptional heat transfer and precision. solar cell

Assembly Services solutions are a perfect fit for optoelectronic packaging without investing in capital equipment. This minimizes the customer’s project risk and accelerates their time-to-market while maintaining the strong and dependable support of a trusted partner, ensuring them a strong and sustainable competitive advantage.

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