Optoelectronic Packaging

Wafer Scale Packaging for Opto Telecom & Datacom Die Attach  


Today, the optoelectronic market falls under two categories: Telecommunications and Consumer. Palomar Technologies provides solutions in both categories and serves customers worldwide with a variety of applications. Download the "Micron-Level Placement Accuracy for Optoelectronic Components" technical paper for more information.

The packaging process for an optoelectronic device has challenged efforts to reduce cost. Because the purpose of an optical component is to manipulate light, the design rules for packaging are significantly more complex than those found in the semiconductor industry. With semiconductors, advances in wafer processing drive technology, and packaging is very automated and planar.

With optical components, the front-end process is significantly more complex. Equally important for optoelectronic devices are package design, controlled assembly processes and meeting critical assembly alignment and position tolerances.8000 Optoelectronic Packaging Inline

Optoelectronic packaging requires the following packaging system capabilities:

  1. Process - requires a system that is highly controlled in every facet
  2. Purity – no contamination to occlude optical surfaces
  3. Heat Transfer – eutectic processes are required
  4. Precision – component alignment is critical for optimal optical performance


Palomar Technologies Solution

Palomar Technologies bonders were developed before optoelectronics became big business. Consumers are now dependent on internet connectivity being available everywhere, thereby making optoelectronics a key element in the growth of the internet.

Optoelectronic Internal Device laser


Palomar Technologies manufactures and services highly advanced microelectronic packaging systems, excelling in advanced processes, high purity, exceptional heat transfer and precision.

Assembly Services solutions are a perfect fit for optoelectronic packaging without investing in capital equipment. This minimizes the customer’s project risk and accelerates their time-to-market while maintaining the strong and dependable support of a trusted partner, ensuring them a strong and sustainable competitive advantage.

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