Multi-Chip Modules

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Multi-Chip Module packaging is an important facet of modern electronic miniaturization and microelectronic systems. Demand for further miniaturization of consumer products, aerospace and defense systems, medical devices and LED arrays will continue to grow. The Multi-Chip Module (or MCM) was designed for multiple integrated circuits (or ICs) to facilitate their use as a single package.

MCMs multi chip modulesMulti-Chip Modules differ depending on the complexity and development philosophies of their designers, and the needs of the customer or end user. For example, one customer may require pre-packaged ICs on a small printed circuit board, meant to replicate the package footprint of an existing chip package. Another customer may need a fully custom package that integrates many chips on a substrate.


Benefits of Multi-Chip Modules: 

  • Lower power supply needed because of shorter interconnect lengths
  • Smaller overall packages; enables greater miniaturization
  • Greater reliability with decreased number of interconnects between components
  • Flexibility through integration of differing semiconductor technology
  • Faster time-to-market (ideal for products with short life cycles)
  • Simplification of complexity by putting several devices into a single package
  • Lower cost

Applications for MCMs include:

  • RF wireless modules
  • Power amplifiers
  • High-power communication devices
  • LED packages
  • High-density single module computers
  • Servers
  • Portable electronics
  • Wearable computers
  • Military and space avionics
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