Micro Optoelectronic Mechanical System (MOEMS)

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Micro Opto Electro Mechanical systems (MOEMS) are a special class of Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) which involves sensing or manipulating optical signals on a very small size scale using integrated mechanical and electrical systems. MOEMS includes a wide variety of devices including optical switch, optical cross-connect, tunable VCSEL, microbolometers amongst others. These devices are usually fabricated using standard micromachining technologies using materials like silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and gallium arsenide. Optical ButterflyPackage

Developed in the late 1990's, MOEMS is a highly complex, photonic MEMS  application. Applied in optical networking and telecommunication devices, MOEMS are found in broad range of devices such as optical switches and tunable VCSELS.  MOEMS works on a a very small scale and involves incorporating and even changing or controlling optical signals using integrated mechanical and electrical systems.

With consumer devices/applications like iPad, GPS and HD video streaming, demand is increasing for copious amounts of bandwidth over wireless networks, thereby making effective transmission of signals necessary. This is just one example of MOEMS at work.

mems mirror array smallMicro-optics and MEMS make a MOEMS device.

MOEMS packaging often requires ultra-high accuracy assembly  (+/- 7 microns). Significant opto-electronics process packaging experience is necessary to develop novel ways to make these complex systems operate at the level they are conceived.


Palomar Technologies Solution

For more information about MOEMS, download the Palomar Technlogies and Indium co-authored paper "Process and Reliability"(Buerki/Harnett).

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