Laser Diode Assembly

Laser Marker Head (VCSEL Laser) AuSi / AuSn Eutectic Die Attach 1.5um Die Placement Accuracy Eutectic Die Attach Data Sheet


laser diode

Laser diode packaging can be a unique challenge for a company. Often times, to achieve an optimal packaging process, a system that is flexible and can handle a high range of product mix with high accuracy (+/- 2 mil), precision (less than 5 microns, 3 sigma) and a high thermal transfer process is necessary.

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Palomar Technologies Solution

  • High-yield volume laser diode assembly
  • Reduction of setup costs
  • Rapid prototyping/quick-turn projects

When it comes to the high thermal transfer process, it is imperative to have a controlled process where the system can ensure your devices to be assembled at an exceptionally high yield. A very good laser diode package can only be accomplished using a pulse heat or a eutectic process. To generate stable light emission, it’s critical to achieve a void-free eutectic solder interface between the components and the package. Visit the Eutectic Process in LED Assembly blog article for more information on this complex topic.

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