Company Overview

Palomar Technologies, formerly Hughes Aircraft, is the global leader of die attach solutions, wire bonding equipment, optoelectronic packaging systems and precision assembly services. Palomar Technologies' award winning automated high-precision assembly systems enable customers to increase yield and reduce costs in the manufacturing of LED, optoelectronic, solar, RF and microelectronic packages in the photonic, wireless, microwave, automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and life sciences industries.

Palomar Technologies is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, with three national sales offices that service North, South and Central America. The company headquarters is the primary engineering, production and manufacturing facility, and houses the precision microelectronic Assembly Services contract packaging division.

From the offices in Erlangen, Germany and Singapore, Palomar Technologies provides sales, service and applications support for our European and Asian customers.

Palomar Technologies is the single global provider of a highly customized advanced packaging product set, combined with high-accuracy wire bond and die attach services. Customers worldwide draw upon Palomar Technologies' expertise, decades of process knowledge and a rich history of successful OEM advanced packaging capabilities.

Palomar Technologies Customer Profile

Palomar Technologies' fully-automated products assist component manufacturers in the wireless, photonics, microwave, photovoltaic, computer, automotive, aerospace and medical industries with improving production quality and yield, shortening assembly times and increasing profits. Custom integration of multiple machines and processes into a complete automated assembly line allows the Palomar Technologies system user to deliver a simpler and more powerful solution. Customers find this solution easier to install, maintain and operate.

For the Palomar Technologies customer, this means higher yields, greater productivity, less downtime and faster time-to-market. Palomar Technologies' experience with design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, automation and metrology takes its customer from concept up to and into production. Customers consistently demonstrate the viability of their new products by developing prototypes with Palomar Technologies' system and processes needed for high-volume manufacturing. The ability to offer high value-added assembly services to advanced packaging customers is one facet of the Palomar Technologies mission to provide cost-effective and system-efficient solutions for your component assembly needs.