Power Modules is a rapidly growing segment with high-growth applications ranging from electric vehicles, high-speed rail, and large medical devices. However, the stack of interconnects in power modules are the source of mechanical failures. Removal of heat between the DBC and baseplate is often the main source of thermal mismatches, making voids in this joint the most pressing challenge for power module manufacturers. Palomar’s Billy Wang will lead the presentation taking us through the challenges facing the IGBT Power Module device manufacturers with typical failure modes and how to solve them using a flux-less soldering process resulting in less than 1% voiding using a reliable Formic Acid or Forming Gas option.

功率模块的典型故障模式及解决方时间:2021-07-08 10:00:00讲:Billy Wang简介功率模块是一个快速增长的市场,其应用范围包括电动汽车、高速铁路和大型医疗设备。然而,电源模块中的互连堆栈是机械故障的来源。DBC和基板之间的散热通常是热不匹配的主要原因,控制焊接部位的空洞成为功率模块制造商最迫切的挑战。 来自Palomar中国区的 Billy Wang (王文渊)将与大家分享IGBT功率模块设备组装过程中出现的典型故障,并讨论如何使用无助焊剂焊接工艺,利用可靠的甲酸或合成气体选项,使空洞率小于1%,从而解决这些问题