In-line Assembly Equipment

For customers who require high throughput and high accuracy, in-line assembly is an appropriate solution. Palomar Technologies engineers are often heard saying "a problem is half solved when it is properly defined." Palomar Technologies engineers work one on one with your engineers and staff to define:

  1. Project scope and expected outcome
  2. Size and type of material
  3. Methods and processes that can be implemented to achieve packaging solution
  4. Parameters within the packaging process
  5. Software options or customized software development
  6. Standard or customized tooling required
  7. Applications/process development needs
  8. Delivery and installation of equipment at desired factory location

Complex Application with High Throughput
In-line Assembly systems are some of the most complex and challenging projects we take on in any given year, but they are also the ones where the greatest value is realized for our customers.

The large assembly lines can take on such aspects as UV epoxy curing, ultra high accuracy pick and place, heated tools for eutectic die attach, curing ovens, hot bars, precision dispensing systems, wafer die ejectors (punch ups) and customized presentation stages for odd shaped devices.