Bonder Support Partnership

Purchasing a piece of equipment from Palomar Technologies doesn’t begin and end there. Whether you’re buying new equipment, or upgrading a previous purchase, you will receive the support of Bonder Support Partnership. We don’t just want you to buy our equipment—we want to be a partner in your successful use of our equipment. The purpose of Bonder Support Partnership is to support your equipment purchase through all its phases:

  • From pre-quotation—to help clarify and define your need so that the appropriate equipment and functionality is selected
  • Through implementation—to ensure that your product and quality requirements are met
  • Through delivery—to ensure that your schedule requirements are met

Ensuring the Right Solution
Palomar Technologies offers complete solutions to your assembly need.

  • Full program management—consistent oversight of your project from start to finish is always included
  • Systems integration—we can evaluate your process flow needs and recommend the appropriate equipment
  • Automation—we can transform your manual process into an automated one by optimizing process flow, designing custom tooling and fixtures, and integrating appropriate material handling equipment Program Management works hand in hand with Assembly Services to provide a complete solution to your process flow need

While Program Management provides manual and automated process flow expertise, Assembly Services provides process recipe and prototyping expertise.

Program Managers
A program manager is assigned to every order to ensure that your needs are understood. As the “owner” of your order, the program manager serves as your main point of contact for all project related inquiries, progress reports and updates, and requested changes. Your Palomar Technologies program manager also works with marketing, engineering, applications, operations and customer service to ensure that your equipment meets the requirements for delivery schedule and technical performance.

Systems Integration
A system can range from a single piece of equipment, such as a wire or die bonder with a manual stage, to a fully automated turnkey production line that consists of a wire bonder, a die bonder, and other auxiliary equipment. Integration is about joining equipment and process to implement a system that is capable of satisfying your assembly requirements. IPLS can assist you by identifying the equipment and tooling that is appropriate for your particular parts and process.

One of the goals of Program Management is to improve your production flow so that assembly time is reduced and product quality, yield, and profit increases. We can assist you with your manual or automated production need, whether it ranges from high mix/low volume to low mix/high volume production. The Palomar Technologies Program Management formula for success is to automate around a proven process recipe, so we strongly recommend that a process recipe be proven and mature before attempting to automate it. We can arrange for assistance from Precision Microelectronics Assembly Services if you need help with developing and/or refining your process recipe. This division of Palomar Technologies can also help you improve your process recipe with a view toward automation.

Three Automation Solutions

  1. Production Tooling and Fixtures—improve tooling requirements for your manual or automated part build recipe
  2. Production Work Cell—one piece of equipment configured and tooled to build your assembly
  3. Production Line—multiple distinct pieces of equipment linked together to provide distinct processes of your part build recipe

Production Tooling and Fixtures
When a part level solution is appropriate to your process recipe, we can improve your process flow by designing appropriate fixtures and tooling that will satisfy both manual and automated processes.

Production Work Cell
When a work cell is the solution to your process flow, Palomar Technologies can assist you by configuring your equipment to include features such as handlers, feeders, heated stages, and other custom tooling and fixtures, as determined by your application. Your solution will be based on one of the following work cells:

  • Ball bumping—with the 8000 Ball Bumper
  • Die bonding/component placement—with the 3800 Die Bonder
  • Wire bonding—with the 8000 Wire Bonder

Production Line
When a production line solution is appropriate to your process flow, we offer complete system solutions that link production work cells and third party equipment, and incorporate features such as part tracking (for quality control) and Line Host Control (to ensure smooth and continuous operation). Third party equipment options may include:

  • Epoxy curing ovens
  • Epoxy dispensers
  • FIFO/LIFO buffer stations
  • In-line plasma cleaners
  • Input/output magazine handlers
  • Inspection stations
  • Part acceptance/rejection (aka ink dot system)
  • Part labeling
  • Reflow ovens (Pulse Heat and Steady State systems)