Automation Equipment

Automation is the keystone of Palomar Technologies’ unique and differentiated product offering.

In performing complex microelectronic packaging, extreme precision and accuracy are imperative as well as repeatability and quality. Only an automated robot can handle an application at 1.5 microns with a 3 sigma output. Because robots are automated and can “follow the rules” exactly each time they will be more efficient, faster and created a higher quality package, thus ultimately lowering the cost of precision.

Palomar Technologies' Automated Equipment Systems continue to be the premier for overcoming worldwide challenges in the microelectronic packaging sector.

Automated Equipment Advantages

  • Ability to perform the most complex microelectronic package on a large scale
  • To achieve ultra precision and accuracy, automation is the only way (not capable to do it due to human limitations); 1 micron, 3 sigma
  • Fewer operators, lower costs; 1 operator can multi-task and operates several different machines
  • Assembly line process greater economies of scale

3800 Die Bonder and Automated Component Placement System

  • Automated eutectic die assembly
  • High speed, quiet linear motors
  • 2600 UPH (non-vision guided, material and process dependent)
  • Repeatability: 3 micron, 3 sigma
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Highly flexible with a Large work area (700 sq in)
  • Options for fully automatic substrate handling and special application requirements
  • Worldwide technical support and installation services, microelectronics prototyping work and concept development in California, USA
6500 Die Bonder and Automated Component Placement System
  • Ultra-high precision and accuracy: 1.5 micron, 3 sigma
  • Small footprint
  • Flexibility: flip chip assembly, eutectic die attach, and daubing
  • Precision eutectic control
  • Linear encoders and high speed linear motors
  • Bond data miner and RAM statistics providing part traceability, predictive process capability and monitors machine fitness
  • Configurable for wafer scale packaging
    • Single pulsed heat tool optimized for specific die size
    • Integrated lookup camera with laser stripe and laser edge alignment algorithm
    • Automatic wafer and laser diode loading option
8000 Wire Bonder/ Ball (Stud) Bumper
  • Very high accuracy and very high precision automated wire bonder
  • Adaptive bond deformation technology allows direct and uniform control over ball and stitch deformation
  • Die-to-die bonding enables IC to IC interconnection without contacting the bond surface
  • Reverse bonding
  • Tape automated bonding (TAB) suited for MCM, flat panel display, optical devices and implantable medical devices
  • Chain bonding an alternative method to wedge bonding