Automated Die Attach & Wire Bonder Production Lines

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Automated Production Lines

A system can range from an "Island of Automation", such as a single wire or die bonder with automated magazine handlers, to a fully automated turnkey production line that consists of a wire bonder, a die bonder and other auxiliary equipment. Integration is about joining equipment and processes to implement a solution that is capable of satisfying your assembly requirements. The Palomar Technologies team of engineers and experts can assist you by identifying the equipment and tooling that is appropriate for your particular parts and process.

Automated Bonders for Full-Scale Production


Improve your production flow so that assembly time is reduced and product quality, yield and profit increase. Palomar Technologies can assist you with your manual or automated production need, whether it ranges from high-mix/low-volume to low-mix/high-volume production. The Palomar Technologies automated production "formula for success" is to automate around proven processes. Palomar Technologies Assembly Services can also assist with developing and/or refining your process.

Three Types of Automation Solutions

  1. Production Wire Bonder or Die Bonder—one piece of equipment configured and tooled to build your assembly
  2. Production Tooling and Fixtures—improve tooling requirements for your manual or automated part build recipe
  3. Production Line—multiple pieces of equipment linked together to provide distinct processes of your part build recipe
    Microelectronics packaging equipment automated production line

Researching Bonder Manufacturers