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3880 Die Bonder Overview

3880_photo_9.18.15Palomar Technologies' new 3880 Die Bonder features a fully integrated Z-theta bidirectional bond head enabling reduced maintenance and uniformity across a wide range of applications. The new machine’s combined fine placement accuracy, fast indexing time, and excellent tool planarity and repeatability make it the most advanced die bonder platform available today. Presentation options include wafer, waffle/gel pak, tape and reel, boat, and carriers. Custom stages are also available. 


Z-theta Bidirectional Bond Head

The 3880 is built upon the industry proven capability and rich feature set of the 3800 with an entirely new Z-theta bidirectional bond head with voice coil technology for improved:

• Force range and linearity
• Tool index speed
• Tool to tool index precision and planarity
• Set up ease

VisionPilot® utilizes advanced geometric pattern matching technology to reliably and accurately locate parts and is built upon Cognex® vision technology. Even under the most challenging conditions, this exclusive Palomar Technologies software can significantly reduce or eliminate fixturing requirements and costs. For locating parts or features, VisionPilot provides the maximum inspection yield and reliability available in a vision system today.

Multiple Options in a Single Machine

• Both pulsed heat and steady state stages for eutectic attach
• Flip chip (90° - 180°)
• Eutectic attach indexer and no-heat belt conveyor
• Up to 3 fluid dispensers (epoxy)
• Epoxy daub
• In-situ UV cure kit
• Integrated assembly lines
• Fully automatic substrate and part loading
• Motorized expanded wafer die ejectors
• Tape feeders


• AOC- Active Optical Cable
• Chip-on-board
• HB/HP LED assembly
• Microwave modules
• RF packages
• Hybrid microcircuits
• VCSEL, PD, DFB Laser, and Lens Attach
• Solid State Lasers
• LED printhead attachment
• RF Power Amplifier
• Solar concentrator packaging

*Partial List


The 3880 Die Bonder utilizes a large work area, various presentation tools, steady state and pulsed heat system for eutectic bonding, high-accuracy motion system, multiple dispense technologies, die ejectors and Cognex Vision System. It features a newly-designed sturdy mechanical structure, process camera, quiet linear motors, 0.1 micron linear XY encoders and direct measure 0.00023 degree rotary encoder.

→ Factory Automation

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