Ultrasonic Laser Interferometer Hi-Rel Stand-Off Stitch Wires Wedge Bonding Emulation  

2100C Laser Interferometer Overview

2100 laser interferometer die bonder calibrationThe 2100C Laser Interferometer takes its name from from the original 2100 Laser interferometer originally designed and put into practical use while Palomar Technologies was a part of the Industrial Products Division at Hughes Aircraft.

Wire Bonding Calibration Tool
The 2100C Laser Interferometer is a tool used for measuring ultrasonic transducer excursion - or peak amplitude - by measuring micro-inches of motion. This tool was originally designed to calibrate Palomar Technologies' wire bonding systems. Due to its general purpose measuring quality and exceptional calibration and measuring precision, it has found users in other industries, needing a low cost alternative for the much more expensive laser vibrometer.

Wire Bonders Need Calibration
Calibration is required for wire bonding systems as their Piezo drivers change over time. Without calibration, the wire bonder can suffer process inconsistencies. The 2100C makes this calibration an efficient and user-friendly action.


  1. Programmable for any frequency - for compatibility with machines other than Palomar Technologies' wire bonders (prior generation had a fixed frequency)
  2. Digital microcontroller for outputting entire data sets with a convenient USB connection
  3. Much smaller and more compact system with a tripod that fits into one briefcase-like hard case.  
**CE Certifed