Micro- and Optoelectronic Packaging and Assembly Systems/Solutions

Palomar Technologies specializes in customization and the ability to use our equipment for multiple purposes, as standalone systems or integrated into a production line. Customers find Palomar Technologies systems and services the ideal solution to today’s demand for innovation, accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

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Refurbished and Demo Systems

semiconductor bonder equipment training classesRefurbished and demo wire bonders, die bonders, wedge bonders and automated component placement systems can be economical alternatives for many customers. Palomar Technologies' factory-refurbished wire bonders and die bonders undergo a high-quality restoration. The systems are tested to the same exacting standards applied to new equipment. Refurbished wire bonders and die bonders are fully warranted, receive Palomar Technologies' 150-point insepction, undergo rigorous applications test procedures and can be supported by Palomar Technologies' extended factory service contract offerings.

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Integrated Production Line Services

We use our manual and automated process flow expertise to offer complete solutions to your assembly need, including full program management, systems integration, and automation.