Palomar Technologies Exhibits at SEMICON Taiwan 2011 and Offers a Laser Interferometer Technology for Wire Bonder Ultrasonic Calibration System

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Wed, Aug 31, 2011

Carlsbad, CA – August 31, 2011 – Palomar Technologies, the world-leading provider of precision microelectronics and optoelectronic packaging systems, today announced that it will exhibit at SEMICON Taiwan 2011 in Taipei from September 7-9 in booth #1006.

The Palomar Technologies Asia-Pacific team has joined forces with Supremetec Materials, Inc. to offer the latest in high-accuracy die bonders and wire bonder systems at this year’s tradeshow. Mr. PH Chan, Palomar Technologies’ Asia-Pacific Director, will be on-site to discuss the latest advancements in systems and process development from Palomar Technologies.

“In order to ensure a seamless transfer of equipment, the Palomar Technologies Asian field services team works closely with customers to cover proper planning, coordination and scheduling. Our customers experience a ‘plug and play’ when the die bonders arrive at their Asian facilities,” states Chan. “Most of our Asian customers who previously deployed 3500 Die Bonders have now entered the second phase of their expansion in production capacity by purchasing new equipment. We have seen an increase in customers’ decision to switch over to the ultra-flexible 3800 Die Bonder to meet new and more challenging packages, such as those requiring 5-7um placement accuracy at 3-sigma.”

Palomar Technologies combines more than 30 years of process know-how with a high-precision line of machines to ensure their bonders maintain production at peak performance. The 2100C Laser Interferometer provides a non-contact method to check the performance of a wire bonder’s ultrasonic system through laser interferometer technology. Without calibration, a wire bonder will suffer process inconsistencies. The 2100C makes this calibration an efficient and user-friendly action.

About Palomar Technologies
Palomar Technologies, a former subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft, is the global leader of automated high-accuracy, large work area die attach and wire bond equipment and precision contract assembly services. Customers utilize the products, services and solutions from Palomar Technologies to meet their needs for optoelectronic packaging, complex hybrid assembly and micron-level component attachment. For more information, visit


Carlsbad, CA,2011/9/1, Palomar是世界頂尖微機電與光電封裝系統的服務提供者,今日宣布將參加2011台灣半導體展,從9/7到9/9,攤位號碼1006。

Palomar亞洲區營運總部與台灣Supremetec Materials, Inc今年一起在台灣介紹最新高精密度黏晶機與打線機。Palomar亞洲總监-PH Chan將會於現場就Palomar機器討論最新進展與產品開發流程。

PH說 “為了確保儀器運轉順利,Palomar亞洲營運總部與客戶之間緊密的配合與合作。當黏晶機設備抵達亞洲時,我們的客戶體驗到了所謂的隨插即用的簡單方便性。大多數於亞洲擁有機型3500 黏晶機的客戶,目前都進入了下個擴展階段要購買新儀器。我們發現增加了很多客戶要決定換購多功能的超高弾性機型3800的黏晶機,以便符合產品的多元性封裝挑戰,像是具備在3-sigma下達到5~7 um的放置精確度。”

Palomar Technologies 以30年的工艺經驗配合了各種高精密度設備,使公司所提供的黏晶機與打線機運作的更加完美。2100C Laser Interferometer雷射機透過雷射技術提供非接觸性技術來檢測打線機的超音波系統性能,該方法藉計算干擾邊線方式精確量測過實際超音波軌跡。 未經過校正的打線機會面臨一連串的不協調問題。2100C會讓這校正更有效率與操作上容易使用。

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Palomar Technologies 前身是休斯航太,是世界上頂尖提供自動化高精密度,大工作區域黏晶機與打線機的服務廠商。顧客使用Palomar的機器,服務與方法來達成對光電產品的封裝,多種類的組裝與微機電種類的貼合。相關更多資訊請參閱

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