Honored for 3500-II Die Bonder Automatic Component Placement Cell

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Sat, Jul 01, 2006

Carlsbad, Calif. –Palomar Technologies, leader in precision automation equipment and process development for microelectronic assembly, announces that it received the Editors’ Choice Best Product Award for its Model 3500-II Automatic Component Placement Cell. Presented annually by Semiconductor International magazine, the award honors products that are making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing.

Palomar Technologies received the award in a ceremony held July 12, 2006 during the SEMICON West trade show in San Francisco, California. This is the second consecutive year, and the third time, that Palomar has won this award.

The Model 3500-II is designed for fully automatic, high accuracy, precision microelectronics assembly. The flexible, computer-controlled work cell performs adhesive dispense, component placement, die attach, and flip chip operations over a spacious 720 square inch (0.46 square meter) work area. Using look-up and look-down cameras for flip chip applications and relative-to referencing for linear micro-strip line placement, the 3500-II sub-micron axis resolution yields typical placement accuracies of better than ±12 micron (0.5 mil), 3 sigma. Applications include flip chip, stacked die, chip-on-board, fine pitch surface mount, multi-chip modules, microwave modules, and hybrid microcircuits.
Palomar's team, including some of its most experienced engineers, consistently improves this multi-functional, multi-dimensional, flexible tool to push the limits on speed and accuracy. The Model 3500-II represents the latest development in Palomar’s long history of manufacturing automatic placement systems. Beginning with the Model 2500, the technology has grown and evolved into what is now the dynamic and highly customizable Model 3500-II that Palomar continues to improve. A new generation system, the Model 3500-III is ready for introduction.

"Advances in semiconductor technology are only possible because of the kinds of products being honored in this year's Editors' Choice Best Product Awards program," said Pete Singer, Editor-in- Chief of Semiconductor International. "Chipmakers rely on these products to create electronics that are smarter, smaller, faster, less expensive, and more reliable. We congratulate the people and the companies that have had the insight and fortitude to bring these products to the market."
Semiconductor International, published by Reed Business Information and a part of Reed Elsevier's global array of information products, is the leading technical publication reaching and covering the global semiconductor manufacturing industry. It has the largest circulation to semiconductor manufacturers of any industry publication.

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Processes include high accuracy component assembly with eutectic solder, epoxy, or laser attach, precision ball and wedge bonding, ball bumping, and active optical align and attach. Palomar’s Process Development and Prototyping Services assist companies in developing or validating new products by providing design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, and automation expertise, as well as metrology resources to bridge the gap between product concept and automated production. For more information, visit www.PalomarTechnologies.com or contact 760-931-3600.

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