Factory and Field Buy-Offs


As part of the purchase of a Palomar Technologies bonder, a factory and field buy-off are included. We make sure that your bonder performs to the standards and specifications at which it was sold.

Palomar Technologies die bonders and wire bonders are bought off at Palomar Technologies headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, USA. This buy-off includes a standard acceptance test procedure (ATP) and a customer application demonstrated. Measurements are then taken to quantify part quality per the mutually agreed upon acceptance test procedure (ATP). Die bonders are bought off utilizing the customer's bonder, with customer's part and outfitted with any custom tooling.

Field buy-offs are often included as part of the bonder installation. The same process occurs with the acceptance test procedure, application demonstration and measurements to quantify parts. This process is also offered upon the mutually agreed upon standard acceptance test procedure.

Palomar Technologies offers a customized buy-off for customers who wish to run extra parts or extend the standard amount of days included in a standard buy-off. The custom buy-off is an option often used by customers who are working with highly complex packages or large inline ultra high accuracy assembly system. Palomar Technologies is willing to customize based on your microelectronic systems and solutions needs.

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