New Product Introduction (NPI) specialization and research and development partnerships include low to medium volume packaging and assembly production in real-time, expert process development, process maturation, and rapid prototyping services.

We shorten time-to-market for the process development phase of your NPI. This is made possible by tapping into Palomar’s 35 years of precision die attach and wire bond process experience and expertise. Automated assembly machines are only part of the total solution—a well-developed and stable process that uses readily available automated machines for ultra-high accuracy component placement attach and wire bonding is critical to long-term success.

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As the process maturing phase is underway, Palomar enables you to simultaneously deliver tangible working products to your customers—this is how we shorten your time-to-market. We can help you do it without having to make the larger investment of capital equipment until your product is proven in the market. The capability to run “mini-production” at Palomar for any period of time gives you maximum flexibility coupled with future plans for high-volume production. At any time, production at Palomar can be seamlessly transferred to high volume in your own facility or to a high-volume outsource partner.