System Debuts


  • Debut of the 3880 Die Bonder
  • Debut of the 9000 Wedge Bonder


  • Debut of the 8000i Wire Bonder/Ball Bumper
  • Debut of the 3500-R Die Bonder


  • Debut of the ultra flexible 3800 Die Bonder


  • Debut of the precision eutectic 6500 Die Bonder
  • Debut of the 8000 Wire Bonder
  • Debut of the 8000 Ball Bumper, a variation of the 8000 Wire Bonder
  • Debut of the 3470-II Wedge Bonder
  • Debut of the 3500-III Automated Component Placement System
  • Debut of 2100 C Laser Interferometer
  • Debut of the wafer scale packaging eutectic 6500 Die Bonder


  • Debut of the CBT automatic gold 6000 Wire Bonder

Exclusive Technologies


  • Adaptive Bond Deformation™(ABD)—for ultimate control over ball and stitch deformation
  • Bond Data Miner™(BDM)—a software feature that provides part traceability, predictive process capability, and monitors machine fitness
  • Digital Dispensing™—very precise dispensing for low volume applications
  • Dual-Axis Bond Head
  • Enhanced Loop Mode™(ELM)—provides exceptional long, low loop capability, with loops up to 10mm
  • High-Accuracy Placement with Double Pick-and-Place
  • i2Gi™: Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface™
  • Measuring Electrical Interconnect Integrity
  • planarBump™—an advanced packaging option on the 8000 Wire Bonder & Ball Bumper that uses gold wire to produce tailless ball bumps
  • Platinum Wire Bonding
  • Positioning Optical Fibers
  • Tailless Ball Bump
  • Ultrasonic Wire Bonder and Transducer Improvements
  • VisionPilot™ with Radar Referencing™
  • Wire Conveyance with Contactless Slacking