The Great Debate: Ball vs. Wedge

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Over the years, microelectronic wire bond process and packaging engineers have debated whether to use ball or wedge bond technologies. This has been especially true with RF designs and fine-pitch packaging. There is little debate that ball bonding is faster and more robust; however, due to a need for low profile interconnects or fine pitch, wedge has continued to dominate key market segments. Another area where wedge bonding typically dominates is where a design requires a running stitch interconnect or die-to-die bonding. These demands have recently multiplied as advanced LED designs mature.

This paper will present several new techniques, such as chain bonding; a method developed to automatically bond running stitch interconnects using ball bond equipment. This technique controls interconnect geometries according to process parameter inputs supplied by the user. A stitch/ stitch interconnect allows the user to program low profile wires. Because there is no tail-off required, bond deformation is significantly reduced thus increasing destructive pull strength.

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