Contract SMT and Microelectronics Assembly in One

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Modern manufacturers have to deal with both SMT and Micro-E services because assemblies require mixed interconnect technologies. The application, required processes, thermal considerations, and particular board all must be considered.

Throughout the history of electronic manufacturing, there have been distinct boundaries between those that assemble SMT components and those that assemble microelectronics (Micro-E). In today’s market, it is difficult to identify a U.S. source for low-volume prototype services that offers both disciplines. A detector manufacturer was looking for a company to provide prototyping/low-volume sourcing and assembly services for a PWB panel that required multiple assemblies and depanelization to fit in a handheld monitor. The project entailed both surface mount and Micro-E assembly services, which rarely are offered together. A solution was available from an unexpected source: a manufacturer of automated precision wire bonding and die-attach equipment.

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