Improve Wire Bond Capability and Reliability through Use of Auxiliary Wires

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Palomar Technologies offers a variety of Auxiliary wire options for our Wire/Ball bonder. Auxiliary wires are commonly defined as an additional wire outside of a normal ball-to-stitch wire bond. Whether it be a pre-wire, generally referred to as stand-off stitch, or a post-wire, also known as a security bump, Palomar offers several options for our customer’s diverse applications.

The motivation behind the use of Auxiliary wires is the inherent weakness of the stitch bond. Due to the much smaller contact area of the stitch to bond pad, therein lies the challenge of successfully bonding the wire to non-optimal bond pad metalizations. The decreased reliability of the stitch bond can negatively affect the tearing of the tail at the stitch bond, resulting in inconsistent free air ball sizes during flame-off. Marginal materials, risk of contamination, and non-optimal intermetallic bonding have motivated manufactures to improve stitch bond strength and reliability.

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