RF, Microwave, and Optoelectronic Packaging Die and Wire Bonding Case Studies

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Although there is continued effort in the Semiconductor Packaging industry to reduce package size along with the never-ending pursuit of cost savings, there remain a significant number of applications requiring a wildly different set of capabilities for die and wire bonding. This paper will explore the die and wire bonding requirements of several device cases in RF, Microwave, High Brightness LED, and Optoelectronic package formats when compared to mainstream Semiconductor Packaging.

The RF, Microwave, High Brightness LED, and Optoelectronic markets are characterized by lower volume and higher mix when compared to Semiconductor Packaging. This requires different levels of manual and automatic assembly process steps depending on product and manufacturing maturity. Suppliers can help customers through the various stages of manufacturing automation by providing manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic islands and lines of equipment and process.

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Multipurpose Wire Bonding_Bumps, Wires, Combination Interconnects, and Operation Efficiency


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