Quantum Encryption and Mo(o)re: An Exploratory Overview 2022 to 2050

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Quantum Ecryption Final 01032022
Imagine a world where objects are in many places at once, where everything is connected to everything else, and where the simple act of observation changes what you see. Imagine a world where you can send information across infinite distances, with infinite speed, unbreakable encryption, and all without any physical infrastructure in-between. Imagine a world with computing processing power 100 million times faster than exists today, and where machines are moving towards consciousness and emotionality. This is the world of quantum potential. Much of this will be realized well before the end of the twenty-first century, with even intermediate stages portending tectonic shifts in technology and geopolitical competitiveness. Yet, this is not only a marathon to join, but also an imperative that demands action begins now. “Hack today, decrypt tomorrow” represents a weakness too late to be closed. Vast amounts of sensitive data have already been stolen for deciphering tomorrow. So much of today’s digital technology will become both unusable and dangerous if the transmission of data cannot be protected. As a result, encryption marks the very center of the energies driving the development of quantum technologies, and hence the core subject matter of what follows.
Quantum Ecryption paper


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