Paperless Laboratory: Increased Efficiency and Traceability in Microelectronics Assembly

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Choosing an assembly company for precision wire and die attach packaging depends on more than just machines and personnel to get the job done right. It takes an organization capable of best-in-class production methods that can be trusted with valuable materials, IP and product integrity and can prepare a product for successful volume manufacturing.

Palomar Technologies Innovation Center, located in Carlsbad, CA, features an advanced, automated microelectronic assembly environment run by a team of experienced managers, engineers, technicians and operators. Within its secure facility, this lean and nimble operation focuses on high value-add assembly. By working with the most advanced technology, capabilities are pushed and new methods of effective assembly production are developed. As innovations are required to meet rigorous microelectronic assembly requirements while achieving the highest level of productivity and accountability, Assembly Services engineers have developed an automated paperless manufacturing environment and integrated it directly with an automated assembly infrastructure—and called it ADMA.

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Paperless Laboratory_Increased Efficiency and Traceability in Microelectronics Assembly


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