Low Latency Manufacturing For Biophotonics And Medical Packaging

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The medical device market is expected to significantly diversify and almost double in value to $90 billion by 2025, but vendors face significant cost and packaging challenges if they are to successfully exploit these opportunities. Learn more about the advanced development protocols drawn from over 40 years of experience that allow Palomar’s Innovation Centers/Assembly Services and their customers to successfully navigate through the factors surrounding medical device packaging.

Whether you are introducing an implantable or wearable device, medical instrumentation or a life science consumable, Palomar Innovation Center engineers expertly guide you to deliver ROI for new biophotonics and medical device product introductions with:

  • Improved yields
  • Increased through-put
  • Optimized production
Our experts can increase production and product reliability by:
  • Developing and optimizing your manufacturing processes
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Understanding the nuances of the regulatory requirements
  • Identifying critical elements of biophotonics and medical device package assembly

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Low Latency Mfg for Biophotonics and Medical Devices


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