Low Latency Manufacturing for Biophotonics and Medical Device Packaging

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The medical device market is expected to significantly diversify and almost double in value to $90 billion by 2025, but vendors face significant cost and packaging challenges if they are to successfully exploit these opportunities. Increasingly there is a growing range of technical, commercial and regulatory demands. As a result, the imperative to find a focused, strategic, commercially cognizant process — with specific-field experts and proven partners to cut through these shifting parameters — is more important than ever.

Whether it’s an implantable or wearable device, medical instrumentation or a life science consumable, there are issues of ever-tightening regulation across a range of jurisdictions, especially for the more invasive products. Technically the interaction of human
chemistry with photonic components, as we see in some wearable devices, adds another layer of complexity that must be resolved. Implantable devices must also navigate around the rigors of balancing longevity with performance. Weighing up one against the other is often very difficult, which partly explains the complexity of the issues that must be tackled. Against such often investment-costly dynamics, anything that can improve the financial effectiveness of development and manufacturing is welcomed.

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Low Latency Mfg for Biophotonics and Medical Devices


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