Justifying the Purchase of Die or Wire Bonder Equipment

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The product is designed and passed the prototyping phase to gain approval for production. The production engineers believe that to achieve the UPH and volume goal, new equipment would need to provide the capabilities necessary to take advantage of the superior product design options while also performing significantly better than the old equipment. To get the final approval, those engineers need to convert their technical ideas into a monetary calculator and provide proof that the company’s investment in new die bonding or wire bonding equipment is essentially worth its weight in gold.

However, management is looking for a return on investment and justifying the purchase of semiconductor bonding equipment is sometimes not an easy task. All too often, the person putting together the justification has not been provided key data or looks at the justification too narrowly. A wider perspective may be all that it takes to pitch successfully the long-term financial rewards of a short-term expense.

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