Stand-Off Stitch Auxiliary Wires for Improved Wire Bond Reliability

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Auxiliary wires are defined as security wires, security bumps, or stand off stitch (aka stitch on bump). A security wire has been the traditional asset for several decades, however, this is often replaced by security bumps which require a smaller second bond termination area. Further, stand off stitch (SOS) has many more applications and also has many side benefits that could be incorporated into a circuit design for better wire strength properties, fewer interconnects (die to die bonding), and lower loops.

Stand off stitch bonding involves the placement of a ball bump at one end of the wire interconnect, placing a wire with another ball at the
other end of the interconnect and then stitching off the wire on the previous placed ball bump. This results in a near homogeneous stitch
bond interconnect to the bump with an inherent improvement in stitch bond pull strength.

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