Efficient Manufacture of IR Sensors – Combining Bonder and Vacuum Reflow Technology

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The market for the IR sensing devices has been growing steadily, but in recent years, the market experienced a rapid growth. Several factors drove the market. Among them, the sharp increase in the need for surveillance cameras and, with COVID-19, remote temperature sensing. The growth of smart building technology added more demand for IR sensors as well.

Six megatrends are responsible for this growing demand for IR sensors. While they are independent, each impacts the other, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) requires input from IR sensors as part of harvesting more and accurate sensor data, that leads to improved algorithm competence, thus extending into other ecosystems, such as autonomous drive technology. Extended use in one sector, leads to increase use in the other. Assuming these six megatrends, we have thirty-six such iterations. The net result is significant and exponentially rising demand across all sectors.

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