Automated Data Management & Analysis (ADMA): Contract Assembly Production, Materials & Equipment Data Tracking and Management

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Complex assemblies may take multiple days, more than one shift and more than one operator to complete. ADMA enables complete pass-down continuity, or closed loop actions, from person to person and from shift to shift.

At the heart of traceability and best practices are all the details in between the beginning and end of the project. Tight process control is constantly monitoring to quickly identify the location of the deviation, isolating the issue and removing it, or reworking if the problem is systemic. The feedback loop indicates what is working and what is not. If a there is a minor crack in this loop, valuable
information is at risk of being lost which can jeopardize schedule and customer satisfaction. Closing this loop, sealing it tight, and managing the device assembly details on a day-to-day basis is imperative.

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