Balancing Throughput and Process Control for Manufacturing of RF Power Amplifier Assemblies

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The RF power amplifier market is expected to increase substantially in the next five years, primarily as a result of the 5G rollout which depends heavily on new power amplifier assemblies in the base stations. The estimated CAGR for the general RF power amplifier market is 5-6% from 2020-20251. This anticipated demand translates into a subsequent necessity for RF power amplifier manufacturers to increase their volume of production. Yet, a simple ramp up will be insufficient as with this growth in volume also comes new challenges and processes to develop and refine. The market suppliers must simultaneously churn out considerably more devices while dealing with design, material, and process faults. In addition, these companies need also maintain the integrity of their assemblies as they represent the pillars for the foundation of a new commercial initiative and therefore require high reliability and performance in order to convince the public of their acclaimed abilities.

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