Automatic Epoxy Die Attach

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Epoxy die attach, sometimes referred to as epoxy die bonding, is the most commonly used die attach method. Whether dispensed or daubed via single pin or stamp transfer, it is a more cost-effective solution compared to eutectic bonding; this is due to lower material and process costs. Typical epoxy die attach applications include: Simple transistors, encapsulation of wire bonds, LED attachment, MCMs, and complex hybrids. Hybrid microcircuits, in particular, have seen tremendous growth in popularity due to their built-in flexibility and small package sizes. Aerospace and defense, medical, and optoelectronic device manufacturers have integrated the hybrid package to achieve multiple-need and multi-performance requirements. With rapid time-to-market needs, automating the packaging process has become more critical than ever before. Epoxy die attach is a consistent, reliable, and flexible form of component attach. Automated epoxy dispense systems have kept up with these advances by maintaining a high level of control, handling, and integration through sophisticated process control software.

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