Pulsed Heat Eutectic Die Attach Process - Pulsed Heat Stage

PHS Stage

 Pulsed Heat Stage for eutectic die attach
The stage includes program-controlled clamps, an automated rotating shutter lid to create an enclosed gas chamber, cover gas control and a programmable vacuum.

3800 Die Bonder

3800 Die Bonder
The PHS is suited for high-performance and high-capacity eutectic die attach applications on the fully automated, ultra-flexible 3800 Die Bonder.

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Pulsed Heat System

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High-Precision Eutectic Die Attach Process

Palomar Technologies offers a high-accuracy Pulsed Heat System (PHS), specially designed for the 3800 Die Bonder and certified refurbished 3500-RFB Die Bonders. The PHS allows for a tightly controlled reflow, resulting in a stronger eutectic die bond without voiding. Computer-controlled software provides a highly regulated temperature profile and data feedback throughout the process.