Automated Epoxy Die Attach eBook

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• High-Precision Component Epoxy Attach
• Daubing
• Stamp Transfer Method
• Epoxy Dispensing Options
• Conductive vs. Nonconductive Epoxy Process
• Epoxy Solutions
• Application Examples

epoxy dispensing, 3800 die bonder
With rapid time-to-market needs, automating the packaging process becomes necessary. Automated epoxy dispense systems have kept up with these advances by maintaining a high level of control, handling and sophisticated process control software. The epoxy must be controlled to provide good substrate, component, and die coverage.

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High-Precision Epoxy Attach

dispensing options, epoxy, 3800 die bonder, die attach

The high-reliability market requires high-precision. In order to achieve this with epoxy, the bonding platform must be rigorously consistent and stable, tolerant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Only a sophisticated die attach machine can achieve high-precision epoxy attach.