8000i Wire Bonder/Ball (Stud) Bumper

8000i Wire Bonder

8000 Wire Bonder

Highlighted Specs:

  • Cycle Time: 0.125 sec/wire, 0.077 sec/bump
  • Placement Accuracy: +/- 2.5 micron, 3 sigma
  • Large Work Area: 12"x6" with option for dual side by side stages
8000i Wire Bonder Options:
  • Tailless Bump Mode
  • Stand-Off-Stitch (Auxiliary Wire)
  • TAB Bonding
  • One-Step Planar Gold Bumps.

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8000i Wire Bonder/Ball (Stud) Bumper

The Palomar Technologies 8000i Wire Bonder/Ball (Stud) Bumper is a fully automated wire bonding packaging system designed for high relaibility, high precision wire bonding and ball bumping. The 8000i Wire Bonder's large work area, ability to customize stages and tooling, along with a 0.75 inch capillary make it an ideal solution for complex, deep and unique packaging challenges.

i2Gi at a Glance

i2Gi screenshot

  • Interactive wire bond control via Program Tree Display (PTD), Video Graphical Display (VGD), Man-Machine Interface (MMI) and Part Graphical Display (PGD)
  • Cognex 8000 Series Vision Processing engine for real-time video
  • Loop process view camera on Ѳ rotary enabling side view of wire at all times (view complete wire formation)
  • Hierarchal tree controls and 2D graphic view controls
  • Set-up wizards for simplified calibration, setup, and programming
  • Microsoft® Windows 7® software platform