Improved Performance for High Reliability Packaging

Trade in your old DAP* system for a 25% Discount** on a new
SST 3130 Programmable Vacuum Pressure Furnace

Technology has rapidly changed and it is time to start using the most advanced vacuum reflow systems available. While they were a leading technology during their lifecycle, the SST DAP series furnaces were discontinued in 2001 and are no longer supported by SST.

Trade in your old DAP system and get a 25% discount on the SST 3130 Vacuum Pressure Furnace.

The SST 3130 is a programmable resistive heat, deep chamber vacuum pressure system used for low void, flux-free soldering/brazing and for hermetic package sealing.

  The SST 3130 offers
  improved features and

    • Windows based control system
    • Computer controlled gas pressure and temperature profiles
    • RunAnalyzer™ for process traceability and profile monitoring
    • Unlimited number of profiles
    • Network connectivity
    • NEW Options Available:
      • Formic Acid System
      • Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers
      • CE Certification

  *DAP includes series 700,
  1100, 2200, MV2200  (Not
  required to be functional

  **Discount applies to base
  unit price only

SST3130-Profile-Angle-Closed-Open SMALL

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