Wire Pull Tester, Universal Bond Tester, Semi-Automatic Die Handler: Royce Instruments Data Sheets

AutoPlacer MP300 Pick and Place Die Sorter

Royce Autoplacer MP300
The Autoplacer MP300 die sorter is specifically engineered for automatic die sort using ink dots and wafer maps, with rich support for die binning and sorting multi-project wafers (sometimes called "Pizza" wafers) with output to Waffle packs, Gel-Pakā„¢, film frames, JEDEC trays and substrates.

650 Universal Bond Tester

The System 650 Universal Bond Tester is todays solution for a broad spectrum of bond testing needs650 Universal Bond Pull Tester

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Royce Instruments Bond Testing and Die Sorting Systems

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Royce Instruments provides high quality solutions for your Bond Testing, Die Handling and Die Sorting needs.

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  • 226 Wire Pull Tester
  • 650 Universal Bond Tester
  • 620 Multitest Bond Tester
  • 610 Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester
  • MP300 Autoplacer
  • DE35-st Semi-Automatic Die Handler