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Palomar Technologies Presents Latest Version of Award-Winning Automatic 3500-III Die Bonder

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Mon, Mar 12, 2007

Designed for fully automatic, high accuracy, precision microelectronics assembly, the flexible, computer-controlled work cell performs adhesive dispense, component placement, die attach, and flip chip operations over a spacious 720 square inch (0.46 square meter) work area. Applications include flip chip, stacked die, chip-on-board, fine pitch SMT, MEMs devices, multichip modules, microwave modules, optoelectronic modules, and hybrid microcircuits.

The 3500-III is capable of performing automated eutectic die attach utilizing backside metalized die or preforms, and enables bonding of thin die with air bridges using 2 or 4 sided perimeter collets. Palomar’s patented eutectic process is key for high yield and reliability because eutectic die attach is one of the most difficult processes to control. Palomar’s pulse heat process controls the heat throughout the entire process from temperature ramp up to cool-down.

Using look-up and look-down cameras for flip chip applications and relative-to referencing for linear micro-strip line placement, the 3500-III’s sub-micron axis resolution yields typical placement repeatability of better than ±12 micron (0.5 mil), 3 sigma with fluids, ±5 micron (0.2 mil), 3 sigma with pulse heat eutectic applications.

With the 3500-III, placement of the die in relation to a previously placed die can also be tightly controlled through custom automation algorithms. Relative-to-die placement algorithms place the die so that the second, third, and each die or substrate thereafter is placed relative to the final location of the last placed component rather than the package. This provides greater accuracy from component to component. It also controls the subsequent wire length and position, ensuring that the wires are parallel and the lengths are the same, factors important for high frequency electrical performance.

The machine base is a honeycomb core optical table that provides vibration damping and thermal settling response superior to granite. Its work area is the largest available. The cantilever design permits unobstructed, open access on three sides for set-up. Soft touchdown or non-contact laser height sensing mechanisms assist in precise pickup and placement of fragile devices such as gallium arsenide. An 8-position turret head can rapidly change tools on the fly without a space and time-consuming tool dock assembly.    Because it is constructed from an optical breadboard where parts can be bolted down in a myriad of configurations, any form of presentation such as expanded wafers, waffle or gel packs, tubes, or tape and reel may be used and options for up to three dispensers, hot rails, heat cure stations, hot gas, UV fluid curing systems, and more can be incorporated.

The 3500-III employs an infrared light curtain around the entire open perimeter of the assembly cell. This safety curtain sends an infrared signature down each inch of the perimeter so that it cannot be fooled by background thermal radiation. When the system is in operation and the safety curtain is violated, the system immediately (within ~ 3 milliseconds) shorts the inputs to the digital servo driven motors, bringing all motion to a near instant stop.

The system uses a Windows XPTM operating system, employing Cognex Corporation’s latest Series 8000 gray-scale pattern recognition systems. The graphical, user-friendly interface assists in bonding set-up, operation, diagnostics, and calibration.The new, high-visibility, flat screen displays on the 3500-III greatly improve the unit’s ergonomics. It is SMEMA compatible and can be configured with loaders to provide small island operations or complete in-line system
solutions. From wafer to eutectic die attach, handling options are fully programmable.

“The Model 3500-III is a workhorse machine, yet it is the most flexible, precise, accurate die bonder available,” said Palomar Technologies president, Bruce Hueners. “It has been referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife of bonders’.”

Customers seeking to extend the service life and increase productivity of their Model 3500-II Automatic Component Placement Systems can now order a 3500-III upgrade directly from Palomar and achieve the same high level of reliability and productivity as a new Model 3500-III. The 3500-III upgrade includes a faster 32-bit computing system, Windows XP operating system, faster and more versatile Cognex 8000 Pattern Recognition system, energy-efficient space- saving flat panel displays, and a suite of powerful software tools featuring Bond Data Miner (BDM) which includes improved process development tools, automated SPC data documentation and component traceability. Customer trials indicate an increase in productivity measured in raw throughput of up to 18%, depending on materials and application.

About Palomar Technologies
Palomar Technologies, established in 1975 as part of Hughes Aircraft Company, has been an independent company since 1995. It is a leading supplier of automated high-precision assembly systems that increase yield and lower costs for manufacturers of optoelectronic, RF, and microelectronic packages in the photonics, wireless, microwave, automotive, aerospace, medical, and life sciences industries.

Processes include high accuracy component assembly with eutectic solder, epoxy, or laser attach, precision ball and wedge bonding, and active optical align and attach. Palomar’s Process Development and Prototyping Services assists companies in developing or validating new products by providing design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, and automation expertise, as well as metrology resources to bridge the gap between product concept and automated production. For more information, visit or contact 760-931-3600.

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