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Extending Bonder Life and Performance

Posted by Janine Powell on Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 02:18 PM

Just as routine medical exams and checkups can help us live longer and healthier lives, routine checkups of bonders can extend the life of the equipment, which certainly provides a better return on investment. There are often new improvements, either through software or hardware,service contract, checklist which can make your equipment more productive. Preventive maintenance and calibrations can improve quality and reliability as well as provide peace of mind that the equipment is performing as designed. Palomar Technologies is committed to extending the longevity and maintaining peak performance capabilities of all systems that leave our factory. We believe the bonder buy-off process is the start of a strong partnership between Palomar Technologies engineers and your organization.

Bonder Performance Upgrades (BPUs)
Whenever significant improvements become available and are upgradable to existing equipment, Palomar puts them in a package and offers them as Bonder Performance engineers, automated assembly lineUpgrades. This usually includes hardware and software to bring the equipment to a more current revision. We can offer improvements and enhancements, as well as extend the serviceable life of the existing equipment.

Service Contracts
Just like an insurance policy, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is a priority for immediate proactive factory support can be invaluable. The difference between production being down for a day versus weeks is never taken lightly. Palomar offers service contracts on eligible equipment. These can be from 1-3 years in longevity and provide preventive maintenance as well as software upgrades. In the event of an equipment failure it includes phone support, parts, field engineer visits, and travel. This contract is all inclusive—one fixed annual cost and rest assured that your equipment will be in the best possible condition when you need it. You also have the advantage to “pick the brain” of the experienced and knowledgeable field engineer as they come to your site three times a year to calibrate and perform preventive maintenance on your system.

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Process Consulting
Have you ever used a tool over and over again in a particular way, only to have someone later show you a way of using it that makes it 10 times easier? This is when a second set of eyes comes in handy. The more complex a process, the more flexible a machine has to be in order to perform. Our systems are built to address requirements of complex applications. This means there are many paths to achieve the building of a part, but there may be ways to improve the process or throughput that you may not be aware of.

This is where a visit from a process development consultant can pay off in quality, time, or both. They have the advantage of seeing a variety of different parts and processes as well as understanding all of the available tools at their disposal. Some of our customers were handed down the programs and the processes that are currently being used on their systems. A few days visit from a process consultant could reap big dividends.

Process Development Services data sheet

Palomar Technologies specializes in customization and the ability to use our equipment for multiple purposes, as standalone systems or integrated into a production line. Customers find Palomar Technologies systems and services ideal solutions to today’s demand for innovation, accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

bonder training

Take advantage of this knowledge base built from decades of engineering experience with the equipment, application processes and materials required to increase yield, throughput and production performance.

Custom Machine/Process Support

Dale Perry
Regional Account Manager, Eastern Americas
Palomar Technologies, Inc.